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Reinvigorating Juvenile Justice Stakeholders on Juvenile Justice System Act, 2018

Project Submitted to Sindh Judicial Academy
The Juvenile Justice System Act [1] was promulgated in the month of May 2018 by the Federal Government whereby Juvenile Justice System Ordinance, 2000 was repealed. According to sub-section (1) of section 4 of the Juvenile Justice System Act, 2018 the Government in consultation with the High Court shall establish or designate one or more juvenile courts within a period of three months of the commencement of this Act.

The period as defined for the establishment of the court has been lapsed and the courts facing difficulties to proceed with the cases of juvenile as no policy in terms of newly promulgated legislation is placed in field. There is dire need to have consultation with the High Court of Sindh and accordingly either establish new courts or designate from amongst the courts already working at district level and under the umbrella of special legislations. There is possibility that the Government would establish juvenile courts at district level in near future.

SOP and coordination mechanism for interdepartmental collaboration

SOP and coordination mechanism for interdepartmental collaboration ‘State to apply vibrant approaches to effect systems change’ No single institution/department can meet all of a juvenile offenders needs in Sindh. There are significant gaps among juvenile justice system institutions/departments. Offenders often receive fragmented, uncoordinated, insufficient, or duplicative services from multiple institutions/departments. The public sector cannot provide all services for youth in need. To address this problem, we need to indentify all institutions/departments, introducing each other with their specific role and responsibilities, and if possible to coordinate services through sustained partnerships of youth-serving organizations working in private sector. Publicprivate partnerships can expand the overall capacity of the youth service system. This partnership would be more effective and useful in ‘aftercare’ services which may include rehabilitation and reintegration of a juvenile in the society. Before initiating a useful activity to upgrade the juvenile justice system; it would be more appropriate to collect relevant data at a central location, make it accessible to every stakeholder, and use it in designing polices and legislative reforms

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